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How to DIY WiFi Booster with a Can or Tinfoil

First of all, you should notice that using a can or tinfoil booster will surely boost your signal, but will also make it more directional.

To Make WiFi Booster with an Aluminum Can:

1. Gather the required materials and tools. You need these things to make this booster: an empty, 500ml (16.9 fl oz) aluminum beer/soda can; a Stanley knife or similar safety knife; a pair of scissors strong enough to cut through thin metal; small piece of poster tack or similar adhesive;

2. Clean the beer can and make sure there is no residue left inside;

3. Take the ring-pull off the can; cut the end off the beer can where there's no opening using the Stanley knife or similar suitable safety knife; cut around the end with the opening almost all the way. Leave a little bit of metal to keep attached the part that will be the base;

4. Carefully open up the middle piece of metal by bending it until it vaguely resembles the shape of a radar dish;

5. Place the completed WiFi booster on your router. Place it so that the antenna pokes through the opening, and stick the base of the can to the router with a small piece of poster tack or other suitable adhesive.

To Make WiFi Booster with Tinfoil:

1. Cut a tinfoil circle with the tinfoil on the inside of a piece of paper or some cardboard large enough to wrap around the router;

2. If you want to get fancier than this, cut a shallow parabola and put the hole for the antenna at the focal point;

3. Place the tinfoil circle over the router;

4. Place the antenna in the center of the circle or parabola.

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