Tips & tricks to use Free Virtual WiFi Router.

More Settings and Info of Free Virtual WiFi Router


The thoughtful UI design and feature makes using this virtual WiFi router so easy. For anyone of us, connecting to a hotspot is a fairly simple process. Just a click of button, you will be in a great way to stay connected.

Check both "Run this program automatically when Windows starts" and "Automatically start hotspot" to automatically start the WiFi connection when your computer starts.

More Settings and Info

More Settings and Info

1. You can find more advanced settings including "Minimize to the system tray", "Always on top" and others.

2. Empty the "Hotspot Name" and "Password" boxes so that you can input whatever ID & password you want.

3. Remove the password mask (*).

4. Refresh the "Internet Source" menu in case there are new connections added.

5. When hotspot working, the status of hotspot is "ON"; if not, "OFF".

6. Total amount of devices connected.

7. Total data transmitted by all devices connected.

8. Refresh the connection info field in case there are new devices connected.

9. Detailed info of the connected devices including device name, IP address and MAC address.

10. Download & upload spped (KB/S).

11. Data sent & received by all devices connected.

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